Head in the Game

A multicenter project on long-term health in elite female athletes


The Project

The aim of the Head in the Game project is improving long-term health in elite athletes. To this end, we evaluate potential adverse effects of a professional sports career on musculoskeletal and neurocognitive health in former athletes. The project comprises of three studies that are conducted in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

The Project
The Team

The Team

To complete a project like Head in the Game you need a strong team. Our research group is comprised of renowned international experts from different fields including neuroscientists, psychologists and sports medicine doctors. Additionally, partners and ambassadors from all around the world complement our team, such as Cindy Parlow Cone of U.S. Soccer and the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam.

Meet the team

What our Ambassadors say

  • “I was surprised when I heard that women are more prone to concussions than men and that there is still almost no research with female football players, only with male players. We have to change that!”

    Leonne Stentler
  • “Given the first results of the Head in the Game study and also based on my own experience, it is clear that health in retired elite football players needs further investigation. Long-term health consequences can be prevented, treated and cured. We have to overcome the myth that professional football players are invulnerable and care for the health of tomorrows elite players.”

    Birgit Prinz
  • “I never fully recovered from that concussion. I still have the exact same symptoms. When I look back over my career, it’s with pride and joy and now through my coaching, I take great pride in trying to help make the sport I know and love safer.”

    Cindy Parlow Cone

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What's going on?

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