TED Talk on Concussions

TED Talk on Concussions

New research findings: What happens during a concussion? Probably not what you think!

In this TED talk, brain researcher and former football player David Camarillo gives interesting insights into the mechanisms of concussions. What really happens during a concussion? Why can’t standard sports helmets prevent them? How can concussions be prevented in the future based on these new findings? The answers to these perplexing questions are further discussed in the video!

Find out more about this TED talk or watch other interesting talks here: https://www.ted.com/


The goal of the Head in the Game project is to evaluate and improve long-term health in elite men's and women's football. The main question we seek to answer is: does a professional football career have any consequences for the musculoskeletal or neurocognitive health of former players?

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