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Higher Concussion Risk in Female Athletes

Last week the HITG team published an important review on the risk of concussions and other head injuries in elite level contact sports. Specifically, we compared the number and characteristics of head injuries in football, ice hockey, rugby and American football. We also analysed whether concussions are more frequent in male or female players. After screening 7673 articles, these are our key findings.


First Results – Mental Health

In November 2009 the devastating news about the suicide of former national team goalkeeper Robert Enke shocked the world. Enke had been suffering from depression for years, but had kept it a secret from the public and his team. Following this tragedy the topic of mental health in elite sport received increased attention in the media and it was speculated that the distinct features of a professional sports career may constitute a risk factor. But are these speculations warranted?

First Results – Physical Health

Does a football career have any long-term health consequences? And if yes, what are the consequences? What are potential risk factors? How can we minimize those risks? How does football impact overall quality of life and wellbeing in former elite players? Find out more about the first results of the Head in the Game project!