Elite athletes

Elite athletes


Why should you participate?

We will only be able to generate meaningful results if we have a representative sample. This means we need as many former elite athletes from non-contact sports to participate as possible.

  • You will get a full workup of your neurocognitive health and an brain MRI.
  • Upon request, you will receive a detailed evaluation of your results by one of our experts
  • All examinations will be free of charge
  • You will receive a compensation for your participation

By registering below, you will be supporting our research efforts to improve long-term health in retired professional football players and other elite athletes and prevent future health problems. Your participation is essential for this project!

What are you participating in?

The investigation will take approximately three hours of your time and take place at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging. It consists of three parts: (a) filling in a questionnaire on your current health and previous sport-related injuries or complaints, (b) neuropsychological tests, such as memory or reaction tasks on a computer and (c) an MRI scan of your brain.

Please register now, so we can provide you with further information.

Thank you in advance for your support of our research!